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This is the best time for your action, as 'Timing is Very important in Network Marketing'


Follow these Four Easy Steps to Join Longrich:



1. CHOOSE Your preferred Entry Package (Silver, Gold, Platinum, Platinum VIP)


    - R 1 500 - Silver Package (8% Performance Earnings), or

   - R 770 - Q Silver FastTrack Package - 60Pvs (8% Performance Earnings), or

   - R 1 000 - Quick Silver Package - 60Pvs (8% Performance Earnings), or

   - R 1 500 - Silver Package - 60 Pvs (8% Performance Earnings), or

    - R 2 500 - Platinum Package - 120 Pvs (12% Team Performance Earnings) - RECOMMENDED, or

    - R 27 000 - Platinum VIP - 1680 Pvs (12 % plus 1% Global Profit)


2. Complete the above ONLINE REGISTRATION FORM or Print and COMPLETE the below 2 forms (For Your Personal Details & Choice of Products - To amount to the value of your package)







Note : The Beneficary section is for the details of the person that you would like Lonrich SA to give your business to in case you pass away (die)

Note: Please the note that the Membership No and the Stockist No fields should be left blank, and please complete the following codes on the Sponsor & Placement Information



    Sponsor Code :        Sponsor Name:

    ZA01589346            SELBY SEKGOBELA


    Placement Code :     Placement Name:

    ZA01589346            SELBY SEKGOBELA



 3. DEPOSIT your Initial Stock Amount (JOINING FEEE) into the below Longrich Bank Account and submit (or email) a copy of your proof of payment


    Banking Details:


    Account Name: Longrich SA,

    Bank Name: First National Bank,

    Account Number: 62320383368,

    Branch: Sandton City,

    Branch Code: 254605,

    Reference: Your Name & Surname








4. SUBMIT the completed Application Form, Order Form, and Proof of Payment (Deposit Slip) to register@longrichsa.co.za  for processing.


PS: Please deposit an amount of R100 into the Bank Account of the Longrich Distributor that will be assisting you, in order for arrangements to be made for your products to be send to you by courrier (Delivered to your address).


For assistance with the above, you can email or whatsapp join@longrichsa.co.za / +27 079 924 9250


New Longrich Bank Account